Lesser-known facts to know about Crypto casino

The recent craze in cryptocurrency has developed the idea for crypto casinos, and experts have launched many online casino sites where players can deal in cryptocurrency. Many online portals are available that deal in online gambling, and players feel playing online games is quite safe using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Facts to know about crypto casino

Cryptocurrency Casino is a new type of online gambling, and no Government regulates this online gambling. The online sites are decentralized, and this technology helps online gamers to play the game securely.

First appearance

Crypto casino games launched on October 2013 for the first time. The first wagering was made on K-league soccer held in South Korea. The betting amount was just 24 USD which was not more than 0.2 bitcoins.

Anonymous wagering experience

Players love online crypto casinos because they are decentralized and anonymous. Hence the transactions are not related to the player’s identity. Another advantage of playing bitcoin casinos is that it never asks players about their identity or personal data. Hence many gamblers worldwide find this crypto casino extremely advantageous.

Lower fees

While playing this game, gamblers will find that crypto casino charge lesser fees than traditional casinos. Again, if you are dealing with bitcoins and transferring the amount to a Bitcoin wallet, then some bitcoin casinos don’t charge any fee.

More games available

It has been noticed that crypto gambling sites offer more games than normal casino sites. These sites can provide different card games or sports betting relating as these casino sites are listed on crypto casinosonnet.

24*7 hours customer service

Another fact for which every online gambler loves to play crypto casinos is 24-hour customer service. Excellent and prompt customer service has made these online websites popular.

Moreover, these crypto casinos offer excellent promotions to online players. These promotions include a welcome bonus, free spins, no deposit bonus, etc.

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